In the late 1960’s I was privileged to have studied with Minor White for a short period of time. He would always tell me, “It’s not what it is but what else it is.” It took me many years to understand the depth of his words. He also instilled in me the ability to trust my intuition, which allowed my intuitive flow to take me places I never imagined I could go. With my 8×10 view camera in hand I slowly learned to capture what occurred on these intuitive journeys. I slowly became a consummate craftsman that enabled me an uninterrupted flow while photographing. From that moment on photography became second nature and a new door had opened for me.

My focus has always been on beauty and form. The detail that my large negatives depict allows the reality of my subjects to form a super-realism that becomes my fantasies. Capturing reality in its simplest form is pure abstraction and by rearranging those abstractions into an unrestrained imagined sequence of mental images become the essence of pure fantasy. I attempt to accomplish this through my photographs.

The following photographs have been taken over a 35-year period.

They are entities within themselves that embody my personal dreams of Fantasy-Reality.

Vincent Vallarino